About us

Karslioglu Inc. was established in 1948 and continues its business life with the enthusiasm of the first day. Headquarters and main facilities are located in Istanbul which is one of the busiest commercial hub in the world.

Our global market journey started with participating in 2017 Paperworld Frankfurt exhibition then has grown and developed with time to be represented by 50 countries so far.

We are involved in international trade and so far we are highly appreciated with high positive ratings and excellent trade relations globally.

Many of our products are manufactured by our factories based in Istanbul and they are primarily school, hobby, craft products such as paints (acrylic, gouache, oil, finger etc) crayon, clay, glue, markers, ink, plastic school equipments, pencil cases and many more. Since post-modern mentality is protecting ecology and humanity so that our items do not contain toxic ingredients, they are inspected by independent authorities.

We have two licensed brands called 1, Nova Color & 2, Brons. Their reformist structure and character encourage us to continue innovating in our sector. We encourage creative amateurs and professionals all over the planet to enlarge their boundaries and to actualize themselves. We strongly believe that creative manner is very essential; a passion to share and augment to flourish upward.

Karslioglu Stationery is already an active player globally and our aim is to be a well-known Global company and create brand awareness plus worldwide recognition along with our esteemed partners.